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on June 2, 2011 at 11:46:28 am

The CLA is overhauling everything.  Let's make sure that there's still a space for new professionals in academic librarianship to stand up and be counted.  Let's do this.


You've made it this far because you're interested in what will become of the CLA, of your profession and workplace, and of the future in general.   You may already be a member of the Re:Generations committee, or you may not.  You may be on Twitter, or you may not.  Whatever.   What matters right now is that you want to continue to make a difference in academic librarianship.  You want to see ongoing professional development and organizational change within your sector. 


It doesn't matter if you're a student, a librarian, a vendor, or something else.  Ultimately, we're birds of the same feather because of our concern for and interest in academic librarianship. 


What are we trying to do?


We are creating an open and inviting forum for new professionals in academic librarianship to meet one another, trade ideas, advocate for change, and get things done.  Some of the areas we want to work in are:


  • Online and real-world networking.  We're stronger as a team than we are as mere islands
  • True and effective interaction with CDN Library Schools.  We've been there and we know what our upcoming grads' ideas, and concerns
  • Stronger voice within CLA.  We're not trying to be saucy, but we've got good ideas and want to share them with our mentors and peers
  • Better Professional Development.  We've all got something to offer, so let's share that knowledge and share it now.  Webinars are key



Why aren't I reading this on the Re:Gen wiki?


Many people taking part in this are actually part of the Re:Gen committee and use the wiki.   The wiki was some private details on it, though, which makes it difficult to share with others at the moment.  We want you to collaborate on this, so we created this new, open wiki. 



Where do we go from here?


  1. We need to generate some ideas.  What exactly does the group want to do?  What are its goals and mandate?  We're not writing a Bill of Rights here, but we should get a consensus on the point of all of this.  (And also a name...)
  2. We need to start a CLA Network.  Starting one requires moderator and 10 names, and then we're well on our way.
  3. Everything else is gravy.     



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