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Who are you Who am I

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Who's on here? 


  • Meg Ecclestone: Vendor Rep, Tag-along-academic-librarian. I work for a company called YBP Library Services, but I'm an honourary member of libraryland. I chair the Re:generations Committee, which is a small group within CACUL that is focused on new/emerging academic librarians. But since there's no CACUL, I guess we're just a bunch of new/emerging academic librarians talking about stuff. Here's our blog: http://clatoolbox.ca/regen/ 
  • Mike Steeleworthy:  Academic librarian.  I work with instructional technologies at Dal Libraries, but I dabble in a whole lot of other things, too.   I wasn't formally part of Re:Gen but I know a lot of its members real well, and I'm real keen on getting something started to fill the vacuum.
  • Kim Stymest: Currently-looking-for-work Academic Librarian (it's rough out there!). I have just finished my first professional contract as an Academic Business Librarian working in reference/research, collections and IL. I'm also on the Re:generations Committee and am super passionate about being, and bringing, new/emerging librarians into our awesome field.
  • Laine Gabel: Academic Librarian with art librarian ambitions. I've been at Ryerson Unversity Library as Electronic Resources Management Librarian for almost 2 years. Previously at Scholar's Portal & OCADU Library. My experience ranges from reference to cataloguing to classroom instruction to all manner of ERM duties. About to take a 2 year hiatus to do a masters in Art History at York to help with that whole Art Librarian dream of mine.
  • Andrew Colgoni: Academic Science Librarian @ McMaster University. I currently spend much of my time as an embedded librarian in the Integrated Science program, but also have other sciencey roles. I mostly do instruction. I care about the future of librarianship and want to see support for that from all levels, so here I am. www.andrewcolgoni.ca / @colgoni
  • Colleen MacKinnon: New librarian.  Originally from Hamilton, ON, I moved out west where I'm the EdTech Librarian at the Grande Prairie Regional College, all the way out in Alberta! Before that, I did my co-op at McMaster University,  (andrew, I think we just missed each other at mac).  I love teaching and getting involved in fun library projects & events! I'm also an askON volunteer for Knowledge Ontario.
  • John Fink: Eh. Sort of new. Sort of not. Sort of old. I've been a librarian since 2005 but have worked in academic libraries professionally since 1995 and as a student a couple of years before that. I'm currently Digital Technologies Development Librarian at McMaster University, and as Colleen can probably attest, am extremely delighted to work with new blood in the field. I work in McMaster's Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship, which is a digital humanities oriented lab.
  • Mike Ridley: So, not even close to being a "new" academic librarian but passionately interested in the future (and renewal) of the field. I'm currently the CIO and Chief Librarian at the University of Guelph but starting next year will be on sabbatical and thinking differently about my role in the profession. MichaelRidley.ca @mridley
  • Janet Hempstead: social science librarian at Carleton University since 2007.  previously an IT Guy at Carleton.  everything is new (again).
  • Jane Schmidt: Not new anymore, but definitely interested in mentoring new librarians and championing their skills and encouraging their hiring!  Head of Collections at Ryerson University Library.  Interested in technical services, collection development workflows and collection evaluation.  Also a business librarian specializing in Marketing and Global Studies.  I get to put my data hat on in this role from time to time which makes me feel s-m-r-t.
  • Megan Fitzgibbons: Humanities/social sciences librarian at McGill and still feeling new (Dalhousie MLIS 2007). Former Re:Gen committee member and excited to be involved in, well, everything. In the context of this group, I'm interested in bridging the gap that often seems to exist between "emerging professionals" and folks already in the profession.
  • Leah Hopton: I'm a graduate student completing my MLIS at the University of British Columbia, and I serve as the Student Rep on Re:Generations. I'm extremely interested in all things academic-library-oriented!
  • Amanda Brooks: Recent graduate (June 2, 2011!) from the University of Toronto's iSchool hoping to find a place in one of the many academic libraries in the GTA.  After working as a student assistant at academic libraries at UBC and U of T, I am beyond excited to take on the role of a full librarian.
  • Jessica L. Babineau: Academic Librarian/Health Researcher. I currently, kind of, split my time between working as a reference librarian at MSVU (with fingers in the cataloging, instruction and IL pies!) , and as an Evidence Synthesis Research Associate with the NS Cochrane Resource Centre. Both positions are IM based but in very different academic settings. MLIS grad from Dalhousie 2010.
  • Eileen Lewis: Research Librarian at the Ontario Legislative Library, former president of CASLIS Toronto, graduated from U of T in '08. Here for to add a "special" libraries voice to the discussion around advancing and promoting the needs and interests of us "new professionals"
  • Carolyn Doi: New librarian currently on contract as a Music Librarian at McGill University where I work on collection development, reference, and teaching. Recently received my MLIS from McGill in April 2010.
  • Leigh Cunningham: Collections and Instruction Librarian at Medicine Hat College, Alberta. Received MISt from University of Toronto in 2009. I work in reference, instruction, collections, distance learning, administration. As someone living in a rural area, I'd like to see more online/virtual PD and social opportunities for new librarians.  
  • Erica Sum: Research Officer, University of Toronto, University Advancement (contract). iSchool MISt 2010. Currently CASLIS Toronto executive, Marketing & Outreach. Interested in mentoring, assisting recent grads and developing leaders for the profession. @_esum
  • Edward Bilodeau: Web services librarian at McGill Univeristy, also sessional lecturer at McGill's School of Information Studies. In addition to my experience in web development and academia, I have some background in knowledge management and communities of practice, so I'm hoping to be able to make a positive contribution to this effort. [ blog: Shoulder to the Wheel, twitter: @edbilodeau ]
  • Jie Li: recent iSchool graduate(2010). Special Projects and Reference Services Librarian, University of Toronto (contract). Helping organize some diaspora studies resources, e-book ordering, and digitization projects. 
  • Phil Richards: Public Records Clerk at the Robert W. Macaulay Library, Ontario Energy Board.  Recent iSchool graduate.  Ideally I'd like to be a music or A/V librarian, but I'm also interested in digital libraries, academic libraries, copyright/DRM issues, and in the archival preservation of video game hardware and software.  @phrichards 
  • Erin Anderson:   I am on contract at the Markham Public Library as a general public service librarian and at the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board as an AV Technician (also contract... and ending soon).  I am a 2010 MISt graduate from the iSchool.  I am here to contribute as a new professional working in the public library sector and I am interested in having a place where new professionals can share information, ideas and interests.  As for me, I am continually interested in information literacy trends and practices and how it relates to youth and young adults.   
  • Graham Lavender: Business librarian at McGill, MLIS '09, Re:Gen member. Forever indebted to the professionals who helped and encouraged me as a student, I do what I can to pay it forward by lending a helping hand to the current generation of students at http://inspiredlibraryschoolstudent.wordpress.com/ and IRL.
  • Aliya Dalfen: I'm a 2010 MLIS graduate from UWO and currently work at Humber College as the Creative Performing Arts and Social Community Services librarian. It's my dream subject area, but my contract is almost finished! I'm particularly interested in community development and outreach in academic libraries, and I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts/ideas on the subject. But really, I'm up for any kind of library-related discussion. Ps: this is my first adventure in a wiki forum, so thanks for having me! 
  • Michele Collins: I'm a 2009 iSchool grad, and a Information Services Librarian at the Cambridge (Ontario) public library. I'm on the 2012 Blue Spruce Steering Committee, and have volunteered as a Virtual Reference Intern for Knowledge Ontario's askON service. I also volunteer at Out On The Shelf, a volunteer-run library for the LGBTQ community in Guelph. I'm advocacy, outreach, mentoring, and youth info needs.
  • Kate Petch: I believe there was a call for non-academic librarians? :) I'm from special library land, working at the CBC. Keen on doing up something awesome to connect new professionals, which I definitely am (graduated Nov 2010). Sometimes a smidge lame with coming up with ideas, but am good at editing raw stuff into presentable (proposal?) forms. Card carrying CLA member, and happy to add my name to the list of 10 needed to start this thing up once we've got the goals and mandate lookin' pretty.

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