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Who is interested?:


This is where everyone steps up to the plate.  We know we need 10 signatures for CLA to sign off as an official network, which we want, and we know we'll get.  (There are way more than 10 of us out there).   I (MS) for one will be one of the 10 signatures.  Who else will sign on when the time comes?  Add your name to the list so we know you're interested in this new network.  We want to be nimble, strong, and make positive changes in the profession and in the Association. 



  1. mike steeleworthy
  2. meg ecclestone
  3. kim stymest
  4. andrew colgoni
  5. colleen macKinnon
  6. mike ridley
  7. janet hempstead
  8. megan fitzgibbons
  9. Leah Hopton
  10. amanda brooks 
  11. Kate Petch (I know there's already ten, but you never know when you might need a spare!) 


How to organize


[to do.  let's get the admin and the paperwork sorted out.]


Further to the "petition supported by 10 members" - the list forming above - the CLA Network Policy requires Terms of Reference, indicating description of topic being addressed, anticipated timeframe (short-term or on-going); and a proposed plan of activity.


Terms of Reference

I don't know if this will be useful, but I made a ReGen Terms of reference to start drafting terms of reference. For now, I've pasted in the Re:Generations Committee terms as a possible starting point.

-Megan F. [thanks Megan!  much better than using the comments entries here. :) --Jan]


This link will be useful to us. It's the Dec/2010 draft of the CLA's Future Plan.  I'm using its language to build a framework for the network right now, which I'll open to the community to consider and edit once the draft is complete    If anyone has a more recent version of the CLA Future Plan, then please share!  - m.steeleworthy

CLA Future Plan, Dec/2010 (Draft)


Proposed Plan of Activity

Comments (4)

Janet Hempstead said

at 11:59 am on Jun 4, 2011

For terms of reference, could we say that we will explore aspects of Canadian librarianship through the wiki and regular blog entries, as well as offering workshops on professional issues and participation in the CLA annual conference? Can we make a commitment to visit libraries as well as library schools?

Do we want to make conducting original research into Canadian librarianship one of our mandates? If so, we could say that...

We believe that we are bootstrapping something that will continue, no?

Is there some language that we can borrow from somewhere else that we can adapt wrt terms of reference?

Michael Steeleworthy said

at 12:41 pm on Jun 4, 2011

Hi Janet,

I've been thinking about the LibSchool aspect for a while. I'm confident that there will be enough of us in the LibSchool cities that we could organize regular meetings; I can volunteer already for Dalhousie University.

WRT terms of reference and other organizational matters, I hope to we can figure out some of these details with this wiki. Hopefully we can draw on each other's knowledge and expertise to get this off the ground!

Janet Hempstead said

at 1:09 pm on Jun 4, 2011

Hi Michael,

If/when we get a mandate to do this, I will make a better effort to connect with OttawaU this year. I was so busy this past year that it didn't happen. It's possible that this sort of thing is why student organizations in library schools don't find the CLA very visible in students' lives... I am guessing that we would want to connect not only with the CLA student organization but also with the student council at any library school.

I would also be willing to travel to other library schools in Ontario, provided that I can fit it in! I wonder if we could carve some time out of normal orientation programs for this -- to go in the first week of each term? I sometimes can scrape together some time then.

I have not been a member of the SLA for a while, but I think there is an Eastern Canada chapter. Perhaps we could make some connections with special librarians that way. As for public libraries, what about just contacting local library systems and see if there is any interest?

I am really keen to use this group as a vehicle for doing some original research about librarians that will benefit librarians. I think this could be a major and unique offering that we could provide. Is there any interest in this at all? ...Anyone?...

Eileen Lewis said

at 10:29 am on Jun 6, 2011

The CASLIS TO folks who are looking to re-organize also had a meeting this week and agreed that outreach to the schools will be key - I think it would be great to get a sizable group of volunteers from all over CLA to go into the iSchool in Sept. to answer questions and promote our association. The students need to see the value of associations for them, and I think that in that regard, it's key to put a face on our association and networks early and often in their eyes.

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