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Terms of Reference (PLEASE EDIT!) (redirected from Terms-of-Reference)

Page history last edited by Michael Steeleworthy 13 years ago

Hi everyone, 


Attached below is a draft Terms of Reference for the tentatively titled New Professionals Group.  It was initially based on the Re:Generations Terms of Reference, as well as on information gathered from the wiki.  The document outlines:

  • a Statement of Topic
  • Objectives and Plan of Activity
  • a Timeframe
  • information on Membership


This is information that the CLA asks for when developing a new network, plus a little more detail regarding the purposes and objectives of our goals.




Please review this document and comment on it parts.  If you have a suggestion or think an element should be revised, please add a comment!  If we were to all edit the original document, we'd end up on a messy process that would be similar to herding cats.  There are many people using this wiki now, so it will be better to use the Google Docs commenting feature and then we can aggregate the comments later.


To add comments to the document,  Click on the INSERT command in the Google Docs taskbar at the spot you want to make a comment, and the widget will help you from there.





  1. I've emailed CLA HQ to get a clarification on the actual process on the network development policy.   As soon as I hear more, I'll post it to the wiki.  [mike steeleworthy]


Comments (2)

Megan said

at 6:50 am on Jul 18, 2011

Michael, just wanted to chime in to say that this document is fantastic. Are there plans of submitting it soon? Or are we still waiting on details from CLA?

Leigh said

at 6:15 pm on Aug 8, 2011

In case you are not aware, the former New Librarians and Information Professionals Interest Group (NLIP-IG) is also looking to start a network called Network for New Professionals. I'm not sure how CLA is intervening in terms of overlapping/competing proposals. Contact info here: http://www.cla.ca/AM/Template.cfm?Section=New_Librarians_and_Information_Professionals

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